Rencontre Ouverte : Grève des Femmes 2021

Samstag, 5. Dezember 2020 14:00 - 16:00

Women*, care work and covid19

Are you interested in the Women’s Strike* 2021? Then take part in JIF’s first open meeting and find out more.
As a precautionary measure, we have chosen to use the Zoom platform so that everyone can participate safely and hopefully we will be able to meet in person very soon.
If you are a woman* or a non-binary person, you are warmly invited to participate in this meeting which will allow you to know more about the Women’s Strike* and discuss the impact of the health crisis on women’s lives and care work.

2pm – 4pm
Sign up:
Moderation: Inês Quiaios

a. First Women’s Strike* in Luxembourg
The Women’s Strike* in 2020 was a historic first for Luxembourg. More than 2000 people took to the streets to demand an equal sharing of care work. Milena Steinmetzer looks back on this event in pictures.

b. What is the work of care, what is it anyway?
Jessica Lopes will review the terms we use regularly: care work, emotional work, mental load… what are we really talking about?

c. Women and the health crisis
This crisis proves that care work, which is generally invisible and little recognized, is absolutely essential for the survival and basic functioning of society. Much of this work is done by women. Inês Alves looks back at what happened.

Working groups :
Women, covid19 and housing (Aldina Ganeto)
Women, covid19 and violence (Stéphanie)
Professional care workers and covid19 (Marinella Rinaldis)

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