Women’s week – Is feminism needed in 2020?

Freitag, 6. März 2020 12:00 - 14:00

Equality in Luxembourg – Why do we need a Feminist perspective?

What is feminism in 2020? Do we still need it? What kind of issues are women still facing today? What is the modern day feminism focusing on? Who are the feminist? Feminism still has a controversial stigma in our minds, but what does it really mean in 2020?

For the last day of our Women’s Week we will tackle this important topic. Feminism, in the past, was seen as something controversial and still is to this day. Come to explore the idea of feminism with us! We are excited to welcome Julia Maria Zimmermann from CID Fraen an Gender to have a speech about the topic at hand.

The speech we will be followed by a panel discussion where we will have a discussion about feminism, featuring panelists with different backgrounds. This is a discussion not to miss!


12:00 Julia Maria Zimmermann: Equality in Luxembourg – Why do we need a Feminist perspective?

13:00 Panel discussion with Jannika Salminen, Patrizia Luchetta, George Penn and Dana Moldoveneau
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About Julia Maria Zimmermann
Julia Maria Zimmermann, PhD, is a sociologist. She researched on the construction of gendered identities in discourses in the EU and the Greater Region. Living in Luxembourg for seven years, she has been a member of CID Fraen an Gender for three years and is president since 2019.

About CID Fraen an Gender
CID Fraen an Gender is an organization that stands up for women rights. CID is a place where gender roles and relationships are questioned and projects and actions are carried out that show ways into a gender-equitable society. CID’s commitment to the projects of politics, culture and education for equality between women and men. As a member of the platform JIF2020, they are co-organizing a Women’s Strike on Saturday the 7th of March in Luxembourg.

About the panelists

Lisa Francis-Jennings will moderate the panel discussion. Lisa is a former president of The Network in Luxembourg and a proud feminist herself.

Patrizia Luchetta will share her insights about her high level career in a male-dominant world. Patrizia is passionate about people and their stories; about making (impossible) things happen; about turning ideas into concrete projects. Her superpower is motivating people to work with her towards a common goal.

Jannika Salminen is a Nordic Millennial, proud feminist and equality-defender with a background in volunteer work with LGBTI+ communities. Jannika is passionate about equal rights for all, fair game and the core idea behind feminism.

Dana Moldoveneau is a psychologist originally from Romania.

George Penn is representing Volt Europa as their Communication Lead. George is passionate about helping others to make the world a better and more interesting place, doing this for example through his work at Volt Europa.

Where? Foundry
38 Route d’Esch, 1470 Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Programme 2 – 6 march

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