16.6 CID goes Fête de la Musique


We host during three hours the stage of the Place d’Armes and assure together with the City of Luxembourg an exclusively women*, queer and LGBTIQ+ programmation!
Come and join us to turn up the Feminism with us.
Miss Sappho:
Named after the greatest poet of Greek antiquity. Through her love and passion for vinyl and electronic music, she has developed a unique style to take all of us on an emotional journey during this year’s Fête de la Musique. Her style can be described as melodic, rhythmic and bass-heavy! An eclectic blend of DEEP HOUSE, TECH HOUSE, acid and progressive sounds, combined with melodies and vocals.
Put on your dancing shows and don’t miss Miss Sappho’s performance at the 2023 Fête de la Musique!







The all-woman trio of SheWolf slam out a dirty and wild grunge music from deep in the french countryside. Their songs are as brutal as they are melodic with lyrics analyzing the human soul and reflecting the group’s shared passion for the social sciences. These feminist and socially-engaged artists write songs that nonchalantly tell it like it is and slice right through their listeners.

“Le son est brutal et puissant, les riffs sont lourds. D’une efficacité imparable.”
Rock and Folk

“L’ensemble est du niveau des meilleures productions de la scène d’alors de Seattle. Un disque qu’on écoute en boucle tant il fait un bien fou par l’énergie qu’il dégage et qui donne envie de venir danser avec ces louves.”
Longueur d’Ondes



one of the first female rappers in Luxembourg. Her debut album “Den Ufank vum N”, released in summer 2019 in collaboration with local hip hop record marks the start of her rap career.
With label De Läbbel, she created the 11-track album serving you a sweet mix of controversy, a blend of sarcasm topped with one teaspoon of De Läbbel influence!
She worked together with various beat makers and artists from Luxembourg (i.e. 8Cee, BTM, Nick Sauber, to name a few). Asshe added more fuel to the fire in early 2020 by releasing her stand-alone music single „Stolz“, referring to the topic of gender equality, while pointing out the hypocrisy that often still comes along with these topics, stating that not everything is simply black and white – no matter from what perspective you want to look at it.


Noah Pearce

@Crescent Creative

Meet 21-year-old singer,songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Noah Pearce. Having burst onto the scene last year and drawn support from the likes of BBC Radio 1, Eldoradio, Today Radio by RTL and support slots with Sam Ryder and The Libertines, Noah’s story continues in 2023 with his second EP ‚Domicile‘. While his debut EP ‘Monster’ mapped out his journey as a transmasculine guy with alternative pop rooted in teenage musical experimentation and confessional lyricism; ‚Domicile‘ reveals an evolution in Noah’s sound and his aptitude for storytelling.

Discover Noah Pearce, his new sound and his brand new single ‚Ballet Dancer‘ at the 2023 Fête de la Musique!
Mari Jay & Kader Fahem
Mari Jay is an emerging singer who has made it her mission to bring Cape Verdean soul onto the mainstream music scene of today. With her powerful and transcending voice, she interprets traditional songs from the archipelago, touching all of her listeners, whether they understand the language or not. „Since I was a little girl, music has been a part of me, whether it’s within the four walls of my home, or in the garage with my family, or performing on stage. I find happiness through singing and never get tired of it“, so Mari Jay. For her performance at the Fête de la musique, she will be accompanied by guitarist Kader Fahem.
Don’t miss Mari Jay’s performance at the 2023 Fête de la Musique!
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