Communiqué de presse 2ième grêve des femmes

Communiqué de presse du 8 mars 2021 We Still Care! Plus de 1000 participant.e.s à la 2ème Grève nationale des Femmes* Aujourd’hui, à l’occasion...   Weiter Lesen

Transition Days in march

We will spend March in the garage to discuss mobility, a subject that is so important in the Grand Duchy. We will also address...   Weiter Lesen

Umfrage expliCID

[German and French] Wir wollen es wissen Machen Sie mit bei dieser kurzen Umfrage und helfen Sie uns nicht nur herauszufinden, wie das expliCID...   Weiter Lesen

WOMEN*’S STRIKE – 8th of March 2021

Women’s strike action is more pressing than ever. Now is the time to move from applause to concrete action. 1️⃣ Equal pay 2️⃣ Reduction...   Weiter Lesen

Transition Days in february

February is devoted to knowledge, culture and collective intelligence. A resilient and responsible world is certainly not a world without culture! Lifelong learning, citizen...   Weiter Lesen

List books Female Genital Mutilation

February 6 was International Day The International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation (FGM). Here is our updated list on the topic...   Weiter Lesen

New drops and translations

There is news about the Gender Drops, the pedagogical project of the CID and the City of Luxembourg: For the first, some new have...   Weiter Lesen

Vortrag Mithu Sanyal über strukturelle Gewalt online

[German] Im Dezember 2019 war die Kulturwissenschaftlerin und Journalistin Mithu Sanyal auf Einladung von CID, MEGA und VdL zu einem Vortrag “Tackle the Roots...   Weiter Lesen

Call for participation Women in science

On the 11th of February is the International Day of Women * and girls in science. Therefore we are looking for women * involved...   Weiter Lesen

Book The Games Girls Play – Kyra D. Gaunt

A tribute to black girls play inspiring popular culture. “The Games Black Girls Play illustrates how black musical styles are incorporated into the earliest...   Weiter Lesen

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