#11: My Body My Rights

Target group:

Young people / young adults (14 – 20 years)

Available in Englisch, French and German, suited for gender and age mixed groups


Subject matter:

Body and society, self-assertiveness



15 minutes – 50 minutes (depending on how detailed the discussion is); or project days/weeks (see below)


The following terms should be printed and cut into individual pieces (see PDFs)

If a magnetic board is available, the cut out terms can be arranged with magnets and moved around as desired, otherwise they can also be placed on a table.

The participants work in small groups or alone.

The working question is:

  • English: Who “owns” my body, i.e. who has influence over it? From your perspective: Order the terms from least to most important.
  • French: À qui « appartient » mon corps, c’est à dire qui exerce son influence sur mon corps? Selon vous : Classez les termes du moins important au plus important.
  • German: Wem « gehört » mein Körper, wer hat Einfluss auf meinen Körper. Baut aus Eurer Perspektive eine Pyramide vom größten zum kleinsten Einfluss.


Evaluation questions

  • How did you approach the task?
  • Which terms were easy for you to arrange, and which were difficult? Which terms are missing?
  • What would it mean if “Me / myself – moi même – mir” were at the bottom of the hierarchy?


Possible expansions / Focal Points

In-depth study of the individual topics, e.g. in small groups or as mini-lectures, or in project days or theme weeks. You can find information on most of these topics in our library. Please send us an e-mail if you need more information or give us a call.


  • The role of the family, e.g. legal guardians, siblings, …., tattoos, piercings, dress codes, vaccinations, differences by gender within the family
  • The role of friends (z. B. Peer pressure, Allies, …)
  • The role of the state, judiciary, institutions & the health apparatus (e.g. marriage for all – same-sex marriage since 2015, “lock-down”, …)
  • The role of Instagram and other social media, advertising and the fitness and beauty industry (e.g. What is a beautiful body? What is a healthy body? What are self-care and beauty standards? Who owns the beauty and fitness industry, who benefits from it?  Racism, ageism, ableism, fat-shaming, anorexia, influencers…)
  • The role of partners (sex and consent, self-defense, Podcast “Méi wei Sex”, …)


The terms to use: Print template: see the PDFs



  • mes ami·es • mein Freundeskreis • my friends
  • l’école / mes profs • die Schule / meine Lehrer*innen • my school / my teachers
  • moi-même • ich selbst • myself
  • l’employeur·e • der/die Arbeitgeber*in • the employer
  • mon·ma partenaire • mein-e Partner*in • my partner
  • ma communauté religieuse • meine Religion • my religion
  • mon Etat • mein Staat • my state
  • ma mère • meine Mutter • my mother
  • mon père • mein Vater • my father
  • mes frères·soeurs • meine Geschwister •my brothers and sisters
  • le système de santé • das Gesundheitssystem • the health system
  • l’armée • die Armee • the army
  • le droit / la loi • das Gesetz • the law
  • les médias et la publicité • Medien und Werbung • media and advertising
  • Instagram
  • mon fitness-studio • mein Fitnessstudio • my fitness studio
  • la mode • die Modeindustrie • fashion
  • l’industrie de la beauté • die Schönheitsindustrie • the beauty industry
  • des traditions – Tradtitionen – traditions

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