#5: Bookcase Rallye



Children aged between 4 and 12 years.


Stereotypes in children’s books.


The video lasts 2 minutes. The time required to sort out the books will depend on how many there are. 20 minutes should be scheduled per bookcase.


Many children’s books still reflect sexist clichés. The following article (for adults) can be used as an introduction to the subject and as food for thought about the books in one’s own classroom(s) or children’s room(s). https://projekte.sueddeutsche.de/artikel/kultur/gender-wie-gleichberechtigt-sind-kinderbuecher-e970817/

Suggestions / Examples
  1. Remove all books from the bookcase in which there are no male characters.
  2. Remove all books from the bookcase in which there are no female characters from the bookcase.
  3. Remove all books from the bookcase in which the female characters do NOT speak.
  4. Remove all the books about princesses from the bookshelf. (Please note that there are also books portraying feminist or non-stereotypical princesses and princes (e.g. at CID). Please put these back on the bookshelf.)
  5. Watch the video together. The subtitles are in English and must be read aloud or simultaneously translated
  6. Do you recognise yourself in that video? Did you notice anything completely different?

If you want a more diverse library and are looking for non-stereotypical and feminist children’s books, come to CID to get some inspiration!


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