#6: A bracelet against stereotypes


Educational material for children aged 4 to 12


Challenging stereotypes


Approx. 1 h preparation



The blogger “Maman, rodarde!” had the excellent idea of helping girls and boys to love, explore and experience what they like, without being intimidated by others: “I started creating these mini flyers so that my 5-year-old son could shut down children and adults who tell him that this or that is for boys/girls…. […] “

On her website, she provides 3 PDFs for girls and boys. This material can be printed in color and cut into strips. The strips can be worn as bracelets or folded accordion-style to form a booklet. Each strip presents a topic: “Can boys look after babies?”, “Can boys wear nail polish?”, “Can girls have hair?”, “Can girls like maths?” etc. These questions are accompanied by small illustrations of celebrities, scientists, fathers looking after their children, and so on. This way, topics such as physical appearance/body/beauty ideals/behaviors/sexuality and interests/choosing a future career are addressed.

We printed the material in color, cut it into strips and laminated it to be used at CID. During our workshops, we lay these strips out on the table in no particular order. Sometimes, we choose a particular strip to deepen a discussion, always taking into account the age of the participants.


PDF 1 :


PDF 2 :


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