27.6.: feminist tea-for-free

Thursday, 27. June 2019 17:30 - 19:00

[De and Fr]

This will be our last feminist tea-for-free before the summer break!

After the great input from Stéphanie del Lima and Sandrine Gashonga at our last teas-for-free, we are very happy to announce an input from Mélissandre Varin about “expressing oneself when inhabiting a Black woman’s body”:
Practicing arts can be a coping mechanism for marginalized bodies to take back control of their narratives.
The next Feminist Tea for free will be the last one of the season and an opportunity to discuss and share about our own (more or less) creative ways to make sense of ourselves.
So let it also be an opportunity to celebrate audiovisual black-skinned women artist by sharing our favorite tv series, films, multimedia art pieces and so on…”

We meet between 5:30pm and 7.00pm at the feminist library „CID | Women and Gender“ to drink tea, to exchange, to discuss or to present our favorite feminist books to one another.
You don’t have to subscribe, just drop in! Language is flexible. All genders, nationalities, age-groups, …are welcome!

Don’t hesitate to join us, even if you have been at no tea-for-free before 🙂


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