Loesje: Creative Writing Workshop

Thursday, 29. June 2017 18:00 - 20:00

[De and Fr]

Kreativ – optimistesch – aktivistesch schreiwen (op Lëtzebuergesch)

Join this free offline collaborative multilingual optimistic writing session and see your (plural) words spread in the name of freedom of speech, love and creativity!

loesje1—> EN / LU : Introduction and “warming up” will be in English, most of the writing hoffentlech op Lëtzebuergesch.

—–> Together we will brainstorm on important topics and inspire each other to turn difficult abstract topics into more practical and positive actions to share with the world. Together we will create some new interesting texts in the name of Loesje – made in Luxembourg!

– No previous writing experience needed, (Y) just high involvement in optimistic and radical thinking about topics that Loesje cares about: free love, open borders, love for the unknown, being hopeful, critical and absurd at the same time, always up for providing great solutions that sometimes only work on paper…etc.

– Loesje Lëtzebuerg and CID  will provide papers and (colourful) pens

loesje– After the workshop you can take along some Loesje stickers in Luxembourgish. At the moment, Loesje Lëtzebuerg had four different texts and yes…very new and outdoor-proof

Please check out the texts that have already been translated into Luxembourgish and enjoy yourself in the poster archive: there are texts from 30 years back and in various languages!

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