Women’s strike: Open meeting

Saturday, 30. January 2021 16:00 - 18:00

While the problems encountered change from one country to another, the focus remains the same: fighting gender inequalities! Less than two months before the Women’s Strike*, we are honoured to receive international guests at our third open meeting under the theme of global feminism.

  1. Introduction: International feminist networks, what are we talking about? Inês Quiaios (JIF Luxembourg)
  2. Presentation of the speakers. Guests from Andorra, Argentina, Canada and Switzerland.
  3. Working Groups :
    a) Abortion around the world, where do we stand?
    b) Women and the world of work, what do unions say internationally?

To participate in the open meeting, please register no later than 2 hours before the meeting: https://forms.gle/cqCDhXe9AUPmrfsU6

The meeting will be held in French and English (with translations).

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