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2.-11.5: 3ème Semaine de la Santé affective et sexuelle

Monday, 2. May 2022
Monday, 11. April 2022

[French] La 3ème Semaine de la Santé affective et sexuelle approche ! Elle aura lieu du 2 au 11 mai 2022, et le CID...   Weiter Lesen


Thursday, 5. May 2022
Thursday, 28. April 2022

[French] Flamenco-Remix Le projet « ARTraverse-FLAMENCOtre » veut montrer que le flamenco, loin de toute fossilisation folklorique, est un art intégral et universel qui...   Weiter Lesen

10 march: Conference and round-table Endometriosis

Tuesday, 10. May 2022
19:00 - 21:00

Conference and round-table discussion To provide insight into the various aspects of the condition – explain what endometriosis is, how it is treated and...   Weiter Lesen

12.5.: Lunch Knowledge Shot about Reproductive Justice in Europe

Thursday, 12. May 2022
12:30 - 13:30

What is the state of Reproductive Justice in Europe?  Going beyond the Pro-Choice and Legality Debate Name and grade of the researcher: Clarisse Kombo,...   Weiter Lesen

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