EU elections 2024: How feminist is the political commitment at European level?

In preparation for the European elections, we contacted all candidates of the 13 parties and asked them to answer “yes” or “no” to 6 questions. Our aim is to assess how feminist candidates’ EU-wide political actions and commitments are.

Why do we limit ourselves to yes/no answers to complex issues? We want to challenge politicians to take a clear position. These 6 questions show us, at a glance, which measures or actions the candidates want to support at the European level. However, a simple “yes” or “no” leaves room for interpretation, explanation, and nuanced positions. Therefore, we encourage all candidates to comment on and explain their answers.


Unfortunately, not all candidates responded to our call or complied with our instructions.

If the field remains empty, it is because the candidates were not able to give a straight yes or no answer.



1. Are you in favour of the EU pursuing a feminist foreign policy that actively promotes the rights of women and girls and LGBTIQ+ people worldwide?

2. Do you support the consistent implementation of the Istanbul Convention, in particular the guarantee of asylum for women and girls, including gender minorities, who are affected by violence?

3. Are you in favour of Luxembourg signing the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons?

4. Are you in favour of measures to combat violence against women, girls and LGBTIQ+ people within the framework of EU foreign policy, including the prosecution and punishment of sexualised violence in war?

5. Do you agree that when distributing financial resources and humanitarian aid to European and third countries, the EU should ensure that women, girls and LGBTIQ+ people are specifically supported in order to promote their socio-economic empowerment?

6. Do you support civil society efforts to combat anti-feminist and anti-democratic movements in the European Union and worldwide?

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