WOMEN*’S STRIKE – 8th of March 2021

Women’s strike action is more pressing than ever. Now is the time to move from applause to concrete action.
1️⃣ Equal pay
2️⃣ Reduction of working hours without loss of salary
3️⃣ Birth leave for all
4️⃣ Access to decent and affordable housing
The struggle for equality continues – join the women’s strike movement:

💻 12h – 13h30 | Online Demonstration

With a varied program during lunch time for vulnerable people or others that cannot come to the march.
Sign-Up: https://forms.gle/2zdRYThaBarcBpvX8

✊ 17h | Feminist March

Starting at the trainstation of Luxembourg-City marching towards the Place d’Armes with a stop at the ministry of work.
😷 Wearing a mask and physical distancing is mandatory!

🚌 Bus for free
16h15 Dudelange – Arrêt Nuddelsfabrik (route de Bettembourg)
16h30 Bettembourg – Parking Piscine (rue James Hillard-Polk)
Infos: 516121-7130 / egalite@dudelange.lu

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