Strike: open meeting

[De and Fr]

Saturday 9 jan 2021 4 – 6pm


The Women’s Strike* is approaching and you may have already asked yourself the question: why a Women’s Strike?
This open meeting will serve to present the demands and discuss some of them in more depth.
Equal sharing of care work – How to achieve this goal?
1. Introduction :
More time, more money and respect: what do women* demand?
2. Reflection :
What if domestic work went beyond the domestic sphere and was organized in the community?
3. Working groups :
a) The reduction of working hours for all without loss of salary.
b) Replacement of maternity and paternity leave with an egalitarian and obligatory parental leave.
c) Introduction of a support and orientation service for employees in the care sector.
To take part in the open meeting, register at least 2 hours before the meeting.
The meeting will be held in French and English (with translations).

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