Feminist Peace Movements from around the world: FAR

This year’s theme: conflict, gender and peace

We have introduced you to the basics of the concept of a feminist foreign policy. We talked about Luxembourg’s stance on this issue. And we talked about what action needs to be taken to eradicate the use of sexualized violence as a weapon of war. For the second part of our series, we want to shine a light on Feminist Peace Movements from around the world, starting with the The Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAR).

The Feminist Anti-War Resistance (FAR) emerged in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. As a group of feminist activists, FAR has cultivated a robust online presence with over 40,000 followers on Telegram. However, FAR’s impact extends far beyond the digital realm.

The movement actively supports the anti-war cause by offering direct assistance to activists in need. This includes providing free psychological support to those grappling with the emotional toll of activism. Additionally, FAR assists individuals facing repercussions in Russia for speaking out against the war by connecting them with legal resources. A significant aspect of their work involves the distribution of an underground anti-war newspaper across various regions of Russia.

To navigate legal constraints, FAR substitutes certain terms in their publications. For instance, they replace ‘war’ with ‘Tragedy’ (with a capital ‘T’) to reference Russia’s aggression towards Ukraine. This strategic approach ensures compliance with the law while conveying the intended message to readers.

Beyond being an informational source, the FAR newspaper serves as a platform for discussion and community building. Despite its diverse membership, the movement operates cohesively, relying on horizontal initiatives to withstand potential government crackdowns on independent media and dissenting voices.

Employing the principle of affinity groups, FAR members specialize in different areas of operation, promoting safety and security within the movement. Furthermore, FAR offers free legal consultations to individuals facing workplace challenges due to their anti-war stance. This comprehensive approach underscores FAR’s commitment to both advocacy and practical support within the anti-war movement.



In December 2022, the movement had been added to the list of “foreign agent” by Russia’s Ministry of Justice. The Russian foreign agent law is criticized for violating human rights, while suppressing civil society and press freedom within Russia.







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