feminist tea-for-free

jeudi, 14. février 2019 17:30 - 19:00

Not my valentine! Or how do we spell love in the 21st century?

Love has never been easy …: class, age, gender and racist exclusions, clear role expectations, and morality with kitsch and pink sauce à la « Hollywood ».
Where does the romantic love go under these conditions & where do we find the rebellious lovers?
Surely you have already been waiting for a long time for the opportunity to introduce your favorite (anti) romance novel to others? Or – you have a great theoretical book /article suggestion referring to the subject? Or – you know the perfect soundtrack about relational desire and relational frustration?
Or you are simply open and curious about new ideas and feminism and you just want to share a cup of tea in this cold winter weather?
In all theses cases you are exactly right to come to our « feminist tea-for-free »!
We meet between 17:30 and 19:00 (discussions starting around 18:00) in the feminist library of the CID | Fraen an Gender. We drink tea, exchange ideas, discuss and present our favorite feminist books to each other.. Registration is not required. Language is flexible. All genders, nationalities, ages, … are welcome!

Where? at CID

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