Gesellschaftlech Kämpf zu Lëtzebuerg 2020

vendredi, 14. février 2020 18:00

Even in 2020, the luxembourgish society is an unjust one. Three protagonists of the social fights in Luxembourg want to change the situation.

Poverty and social disparities have a too important weight, despite the highest gross domestic product per capita. Unions like OGBL Commerce are fighting for workers rights every day. Recently, their efforts have been focussed on the cactus employees’ collective contract. They are demanding higher wages, better working conditions and the recognition of qualifications. Over the last months, OGBL commerce have brought the general public’s attention to this issue through numerous actions and mobilisations.

The climate crisis is threatening innumerable existences and lives worldwide. The global north causes the majority of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions and contribute enormously to the global warming. If the entire world lived like the luxembourgish society, the earth overshoot day (the date on which all the resources available for one year have already been used) would be mid February. Youth for Climate has been sensitizing for a year in schools and mobilise students and other generations to demand climate action, following the international climate movement’s example. Over the summer, YCL created a coalition with NGOs, the labour unions and other organisation to point out the connection between the climate catastrophe and social injustices.

Social and societal differences still exist between the sexes and genders. According to the STATEC, women* working in Luxembourg earn 5% less wage than their male colleagues for performing the same work and tasks. The platform JIF (international women*’s day) organises yearly activities in relation to the women*’s day. In 2020, the women* of Luxembourg are joining the worldwide women*’s strike. Carework, unpaid as well as paid, the activity of taking care of other people, is mainly performed by women*. Over 20 organisations and many individuals are mobilising for Luxembourg’s first women*’s strike through open meetings, events, sharing of personal experiences and demands.

Laika invites these 3 main players in the social fights to present themselves and have a discussion. How do they organise? What methods and strategies do they use? Where can one find structural problems in Luxembourg? How can you become active?

These question will be answered by JIF Luxembourg, OGBL Commerce and Youth for Climate during a presentation and discussion round!

14th February 2020
Café Streik

The discussion will be mainly in luxembourgish.

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