17.7.: Lunch Knowledge Shot « Gender Inequality and Economic Growth »

mercredi, 17. juillet 2019 12:30 - 13:30

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Gender Inequality and Economic Growth (EN)

Name and grade of the researcher: Lizz Martindale, Bachelor
Language of the presentation: English
Title of the dissertation: What is the Relationship between Gender Inequality and Economic Growth? A Cross-Country Analysis.

Description: This thesis analyses the negative relationship between Gender Inequality and Economic Growth during the period 2008-2014 across up to 111 countries. The motive behind this thesis is due to the appalling gender inequality statistics worldwide and to show economic leaders how gender equality should be in their interest. It uses regression analysis with the help of secondary data from the World Bank, as well as data from the Gender Inequality Index and the European and World Values Survey. It explores the following direct and indirect pathways: women’s economic empowerment, women’s health, women’s labour force and the level of « feminism » in a country. The conclusions from the thesis can further strengthen previous studies that have also found a negative relationship between gender inequality and economic growth.

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