stark bollock naked

Donnerstag, 3. Dezember 2020 18:30 - 20:30

stark bollock naked
by larisa faber

A WORK-IN-PROGRESS – SHARING followed by a special edition of


Autour de la trentaine, l’autrice et comédienne Lisa Faber a été amenée à se questionner sur les attentes que la société projette sur les femmes. De cette réflexion, elle a tiré un texte, puis en a fait un spectacle. Intitulé stark bollock naked, ce seule en scène permet à Larisa Faber de détourner les clichés autour de la maternité, de la féminité et de la docilité. Des sujets qui seront encore développés au cours de sa résidence et présentés au public lors de cette restitution, avant la première de la pièce le 7 mars 2021. 

I haven’t seen my vagina in a very long time.

To be fair though, I’ve never even properly looked. Haven’t taken out my little hand mirror and gone for a downstairs peek. Which is ironic I guess, considering that you’ll be seeing me stark bollock naked if you come to watch this work-in-progress sharing. And I hope you do come along and let me tell you a story about eggs, clocks and gynecologists. About naked female bodies, what we’re supposed and not supposed to do with them. About sexy nun and sexy hotdog costumes. And if that hasn’t tickled your fancy, there’s video mapping and a micro orchestra made up of gynecological instruments.

Followed by a special edition of

Free discussion moderated by Isabelle Schmoetten.

Hang around after the sharing to discuss FEMALE REPRESENTATION IN ART.
The play explores (missing) female imagery that shapes our understanding of who we are and how we construct ourselves. We’d like to chat to you about the images YOU feel are missing in art history, and we’re going to include them in the show in March 2021. Art lovers, art skeptics and everyone in-between welcome.

And that’s the tea.

in English

with: Larisa Faber & Catherine Kontz

Text & Concept: Larisa Faber
Music: Catherine Kontz
Video Mapping: Louise Rhoades-Brown
Costume & Prop Design: Mélanie Planchard
Artistic Collaborator: Anne Simon

Produced by anonyma a.s.b.l., coproduced by Neimënster in partnership with CID Fraen an Gender. Supported by Oeuvre Nationale de Secours Grande-Duchesse Charlotte and Fondation Indépendance by BIL.

stark bollock naked is published by Black Fountain Press.

The first residency of the play at Camden People’s Theatre, London, was supported by Fondation Indépendance.

Where?: Neimënster

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