24.9.: 30 Joer CID

Samedi 24 septembre 10 – 17 heures

A Day at the Libraries – les 30 ans du CID & les 40 ans du CITIM !

A Day at the Libraries – 30 years of CID & 40 years of CITIM

A reason to celebrate for all those who have known and used CID and CITIM for a long time and who have perhaps even been involved in their past or are helping to shape their future.
And a reason for everyone else to just take a curious look:
What can I find in a women’s and gender library? What can I find in one that specializes in North-South issues? Come and see: Between 10 am and 5 pm, visitors can get to know both libraries, continue thinking about feminism at a feminist breakfast in the CID, participate creatively in an XXL collage, listen to readings and music, simply browse, toast to 30/40 years of the CID /CITIM and end the day with an aperitif in the garden of the CITIM.

Enough reasons to mark the day and come by.

CID: 14 Rue Beck, 1222 Luxemburg

CITIM: 136 Rue Adolphe Fischer, 1521 Luxembourg

www.cid-fg.lu / www.citim.lu

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