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Single motherhood

My name is Tammy Schmit and I am studying MA Politics and Society at Maastricht University. I am currently working on my Master thesis, focusing on single motherhood in Luxembourg. The aim is it to provide an insider perspective of single mother’s agency in Luxembourg.

I am therefore looking for single mothers, who would be willing to talk to me about their everyday life and experiences as a single mother. If you would like to be interviewed, please sent me a message. The interview will be conducted in Luxembourgish or English. The duration of the interview will likely be 1-2 hours, however can also be split between two days. I am happy to adapt myself to your schedule.


  • You identify as a woman and mother
  • You have at least one child, who is part of your household
  • At least one child should not work yet, meaning that they still depend on you
  • If you have a partner, he/she should not be part of the household

All your data and information are going to be handled with great respect and precaution. The interview is going to be recorded and later transcribed and the transcript will be available for you to proofread as well. Your identity is going to be replaced by a pseudonym in my final work.

If you have more questions about my work, please don’t hesitate to contact me: stagiaire@cid-fg.lu

Thank you in advance.

Tammy Schmit
CID Fraen an Gender
JIF Luxembourg

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