Feminist Tea for Free

The Teas are for people who are interested in a feminist exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. After a short input (at the suggestion of the CID or the participants) the discussion will take place. So: Do you have a great theory tip on a topic or would you like to present your favourite feminist book? Contact us!
Language is flexible. All genders, nationalities, age groups, … are welcome!
Here are some of the past topics

19.12.19 – Feminism on social media

Input by Anne Muller We meet between 5:30pm and 7.00pm at the feminist library „CID » to drink tea, to exchange, to discuss or...   Lire la suite

28.11.19 – Mobbing/Microaggressions at the work place and why women do not speak up

Qui ne connaît pas les situations de mobbing et de microagressions sur le lieu de travail! Dans le cadre de la #orangeweek, notre prochain...   Lire la suite

24.10.19 – feminist moments (and readings…) of the summer

After the break we want to share our feminist moments (and readings…) of the summer :-). We meet between 5:30pm and 7.00pm at the...   Lire la suite

27.6.19 – « expressing oneself when inhabiting a Black woman’s body »

This will be our last feminist tea-for-free before the summer break! After the great input from Stéphanie del Lima and Sandrine Gashonga at our...   Lire la suite

24.5.19 – Black feminism II

Let‘s continue to talk about black feminism! At our last feminist tea-for-free we started discussing about black feminism. But there is so much more...   Lire la suite

24.4.19: Black-feminism I

Let‘s talk about Black-feminism! Black feminism is a school of thought stating that sexism, class oppression, gender identity and racism are inextricably bound together....   Lire la suite

4.4.: Shout it out and play it loud – empowerment with feminist music

We will empower ourselves with feminist music and song texts. We are looking for empowering, inspiring or angry songs written and performed by women....   Lire la suite

March 2019: Let’s act

We stick to the feminist power of the 8th of March and continue our protests – but how? Of course, the classic forms: demos,...   Lire la suite

Feb 2019: Not my Valentine

Not my valentine! – Oder wie buchstabieren wir Liebe im21. Jahrhundert? Liebe war noch nie einfach…: Klassen-, Alter-, Geschlechtergrenzen und rassistische Ausschlüsse und dazu...   Lire la suite

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