Wafaa’s Women Café

Freitag, 9. November 2018 17:30 - 19:30

Women meet women

More than just a Cafe

Because we live in Luxembourg, all nationalities garden; Multicultural, multilingual And…

Because women are the light for all generations; The community protector, educator and the core for integration.

Because in our lives we have so many professional, familial and personal issues that keep us from practising our passion in communicating with other cultures and discover what others have from traditions and experiences that could enrich our lives on all aspects, Without this integration and involvement we become lonely and isolated.

Because We (Integration Media) are women sharing the same logic and needs, we thought, planned and created ( Wafaa’s women cafe).
During the sessions we will have different kinds of activities mixing between information and fun, we will share our experiences on how to build a network of social connections and friends using our communication skills, be ready to unveil the skills you have and learn something new, the segments will be individual and group based for free expression, stand up comedy, laughing yoga, storytelling, videos and galleries and much more.

Quand?: Vendredi 9 novembre de 17h30 à 19h30
Où?: CID
Org.: Wafaas Café et CID | Fraen an Gender

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