Lending, consultation and research

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Loaning and online-reservation are only possible after registering at the library for free:
CID Einschreibeformular / CID Nutzungsbedingungen
The loan period is 28 days (some items may have a shorter loan period).
The loan period for the books can be extended, as long as they are not reserved.
You can loan up to eight books or media (CD; CD video) at a time.

You can not loan newspapers or reference books.

If the condition of the item allows for it and if it is for scientific purposes, copies can be made at CID:

Since we want the library to be open to anyone, loaning books and media is free. However, as a non-profit organization we depend on financial support.

With a donation you support our work and allow us to keep the stock up to date and to expand the library.
As a supporter, you will receive the magazine expliCID by mail approximately four times a year.

Finding your way around the library

re_03 Nord NDo you have any questions? Are you looking for a particular item – a particular topic?

We would be happy to help you find your way around our library.

Please contact the front desk with any questions. The staff can always check the database to see if a particular title or author is in the collection.

For more specific questions and research, the librarian is responsible, who is not present on all opening days. However, you can always leave your request at the reception desk. The librarian will then usually get back to you within the following week.

Organizations can also join and borrow a higher number of titles, e.g. for book exhibitions, see below.

Information about the stock

Research and copy request

Are you looking for literature on a specific topic, for a campaign or for a scientific paper?

The librarian is responsible for all thematic consultations and literature checks in our database, and for music questions you can address the musicologist. However, they are not present every day of the week.
Therefore, please make an appointment by phone or e-mail so you can find the appropriate literature in our stock together.

For a copy order we charge:

20 cents per A-4 copy (10 cents material / 10 cents labor)
30 cents per A-3 copy (20 cents material / 10 cents labor)
Additional shipping charges apply for mailings.

Book Exhibitions

The following conditions apply to putting together a book exhibit:
Requests must reach us at least one month before the event so that we can clarify whether we will take on the exhibit and to avoid overlapping schedules.

For partner organizations, institutions and for priority target groups of CID, we create a free book table once a year.

The lending institution

assumes financial liability for lost or damaged titles
collects the books from the CID and returns them at the agreed date and time
makes a clearly visible reference to the CID – for example, by means of a poster and the display of our information material.

By arrangement, the CID can prepare a literature list for the book table.

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