Feed your Mind

Saturday, 7. October 2023 10:00 - 12:00
One of CID’s long-time aims is to promote academic work and research in the field of gender and gender equality and to make it visible and accessible to a broad audience. This is why we have created the event series “Feed Your Mind”, where we invite three researchers to present their work in the field of gender followed by a joint debate.
✔️ 10h15: Sylvie Kerger, PhD, Senior Lecturer at the University of Luxembourg:
Les représentations du genre dans les manuels scolaires – cycle inférieur de l’enseignement secondaire (in LU)
✔️ 10h50: Marion Dubois, Director of the organisation Passerell:
La ratification de la Convention d’Istanbul par le Luxembourg : étude des effets de la Convention sur les femmes exilées (in FR)
✔️ 11h25: Neel Chrillesen, Journalist & Psychologist:
Normalisation of violence during sex and of image-based sexual abuse in a sextech era. (in EN)
In an informal breakfast atmosphere, we look forward to hearing different perspectives on gender research and discussing the findings together. The breakfast is provided by CID.
📍 CID Fraen an Gender | 14, rue Beck L-1222 Luxembourg
🎟️ free, registration at info@cid-fg.lu

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