Launch of the 2nd women*s strike!

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Care Work is Real Work!

The campaign in preparation of the 2nd women*’s strike in Luxembourg has been launched! The feminist strike will take place on March 8th, 2021, the international day of struggle for women*’s rights.

What to expect:

Regular newsletters
Open meetings (in person and online)
Thematic events in preparation of the strike and to highlight JIF’s demands.


The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted how many countless lives paid and unpaid care work has saved and how necessary it is to keep the economy afloat. The current crisis has revealed who is mainly running the shop both in the labour market and at home: women*. Urgent action is necessary to raise the profile of care work.

JIF’s demands:

Women* are the most vulnerable to the health risks and economic downturns caused by the pandemic. Women* are the most impacted by the rise of unemployment.

A significant increase of the SSM is necessary.

Women* are the most affected by the rising of tensions between partners, by the negotiations of domestic work, and child education.

A reduction of working hours is crucial.

A better recognition and valorization of paid and unpaid care work!

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