#lookabook 14 Book Jane Austen at Home by Lucy Worsley

Another feminist inspiration. Thxs Julia Maria Zimmermann! (All contributions and presentation of #lookabook)

Lucy Worsley: Jane Austen at Home

Worsley takes a rather modern perspective on Jane Austen’s life and heroines: the desire to have a home. But contrary to the idea that women were confined to and restricted within their homes, Worsley points out that home, to Austen and her heroines, means independence, freedom, and self-expression. If Austen’s heroines end up marrying this is just the prize to pay for a home.

Austen, however, and her sister Cassandra, chose another path in embracing life as a single woman in solidarity and friendship with female friends and family members.

Worsley puts various aspects of Austen’s life and legacy in the context of their time and translates them into modern terms. In doing so, she manages to reveal some strikingly feminist elements in Austen’s everyday practices – feminist in the sense that Austen just did not care about what society expected from her.

…and here’s my favourite quote by Jane Austen in her thirties:

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