Gender Drops

Target group Young people as from 14 years. Subject matter: Sexual harassment in public spaces: catcalling Duration: One to two teaching units Description: Using...   Weiter Lesen

TARGET GROUP Teens and young adults aged between 14 and 20 years. SUBJECT Toxic masculinity DURATION Watching the video along with a short pre-viewing...   Weiter Lesen


[De] Zielgruppe 10 – 16 Jahre (aber auch als Einstieg ins Thema für das Kollegium, das Team, Elternabende, …) Thema Gendergerechte Sprache Zeitaufwand mindestens...   Weiter Lesen

Target Group Children and teens aged between 8 and 14 years (see Suggestion A); teens and young adults aged between 14 and 20 years...   Weiter Lesen

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