What are Gender Drops?

“Gender Drops” is a practical gender-sensitive educational package divided into small units. “Constant dripping wears the stone” is our leitmotiv: thanks to the “drops” in our “Gender Drops” package, we aim to allow teaching personnel, educators, youth or childcare workers as well as parents to create more gender-sensitive spaces and close the gender inequality gap in their immediate educational environments.

The materials that we provide in this package were researched and compiled by CID staff. The various “drops” are presented like recipes in a cookbook, with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, including variations as to how to use the materials. These include picture books, books, games, songs, videos, exercises and webpages, just to name a few. For every “drop”, you will find details about the contents of the exercise, target age group, duration of the exercise(s), and concrete application examples, as well as sources for further research.

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